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In Loving Memory....

Sargent Moseley & Lola Mae Pearson 

RIP 8/25/2010-12/23/2017

Sargent joined our family a week before his 1st birthday. He was our first experience with a bloodhound. He definitely put us to the test. He also filled our hearts with love for him and the breed in general. He was "the old man" to the boys, a hanging out outside grilling buddy, playing in the sprinkler with the kids, best bud to everyone. He had that special thing he did with each of us. Every morning, he would follow me around and "talk" to me while I got ready for work. I thought it drove me crazy, until he isn't here to do it anymore. Now, I'd give anything to have our morning conversations back. We had to say our final goodbyes to Sargent the night before Christmas Eve 2017. He may be gone, but I can promise he will NEVER be forgotten.

RIP 10/31/2012-02/09/2018

Lola Mae is a Liver and Tan Saddle. She had extremely high energy and a very high drive.  We had to say our final goodbye to this sweet girl in February 2018. She may be gone, but she will never be forgotten.

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