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Liguri Valente Harus 


Lira Valente Harus

Liguri and Lira joined our family approximately 3 months apart. They both had a very long journey from Valente Harus Kennel located in Mahilyow, Belarus. It was love at first site when Liguri joined us, so when her litter mate, Lira became available, I could not pass up the opportunity to have her join our family as well.

Liguri is a dark orange and white with roan markings. She is our "tom boy". She just doesn't have a girly bone in her body. She is a great mom, even if she does things her own way.She has been a Daddy's girl since the very beginning . 

Lira is also orange and white with roan markings, however, she is lighter shade of orange than her sister. Lira's personality comes out when she gets out in the field. She is eager to be the lead dog and very focused, yet energetic. 

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